Peter Paget – British version of Disclosure

Private: Peter Paget – British version of Disclosure

…”People said to me, “They’re watching you”…and I said ‘I bloody well hope so, they might learn something’ “.–Peter Paget

This is an excellent primer to get everyone up to speed on most everything disclosure related. Peter Paget is not shy about admitting he is being ‘allowed’ to give a class on the ABCs of what is really going on without stepping on too many toes or revealing too much…  Still worthwhile and a great deal of fun to watch!  I will try to get an interview with him…  Special thanks to Miles Johnston for being on the job!




NOTE FROM MILES JOHNSTON:  I was invited as Press to attend the 50th anniversary of the Warminster “Thing”, on Aug 29th 2015. An extra day was scheduled on the 30th, it was for this:-

Peter Paget is a former member of British Intelliegence, and former science advisor to the Cabinet.

He wrote the book The Welsh Triangle, which was a record of the UFO events in west Wales.

On Aug 29th&30th 2015 he gave a British UFO Disclosure lecture, and a discussion/workshop at the Bear Hotel, Warminster, Wiltshire.

I was able to record his lecture on my small camera which is Part 1

I returned the next day with mics, and lights and got his 3 hr workshop, parts 2-4 of Bases 48.

This a UFO Disclosure event, officially or unofficially, the British have broken ground on this.

The links to Bases 48 parts 1-4 are:-


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