PCTV: Journeys with Rebecca – Robert Morningsky

PCTV: Journeys with Rebecca- Robert Morningsky- Lost History of Womankind Part 1

Hosted by Rebecca Jernigan

Special Guest: Robert Morningsky

Part 1 of 4 Parts

Join me and Robert Morningsky and journey into the Lost History of Womankind!

“As we continue to offer our postings on this Way of Wisdom that was considered to be ‘Lost’, we are sure the evidence will speak for itself. This site is dedicated to the ‘Ladies of Fire’ who are fully aware that there is more to this reality than we are being told.” – ROBERT MORNINGSKY


This show was streamed live on Sep 30, 2015

(NOTE: Due to multiple telecommunication issues during the course of this broadcast, many edits were made to remove these issues from the presentation. Out of respect for the speakers, absolutely no one was edited for content or language, and any content was kept in its original form – Brian O, Producer, Project Camelot)