Movers and Shakers with Maxine Taylor: Roberta Grimes Show 1 Part 1

Hosted by Maxine Taylor

Guest: Roberta Grimes

Roberta Grimes spent decades studying nearly 200 years of afterlife evidence and forming a detailed picture of what happens at and after death. She then discovered that two thousand years ago Jesus told us things about God, reality, death, the afterlife, human nature, and the meaning and purpose of our lives that perfectly match the afterlife evidence in even small details. She outlines many of these correspondences in her books, The Fun of Dying and The Fun of Staying in Touch.

Maxine Taylor is a pioneer in the field of astrology. She began her astrological studies in 1966. In 1968, she became Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. In 1969, she had a bill introduced into the Georgia General Assembly to legalize astrology in Atlanta. In 1970, the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor. Maxine spearheaded the establishment of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners.

In 1977, she opened the first astrology office in Atlanta. In 1979, she learned how to identify childhood programming in the natal chart. She learned how to release this programming, and began sharing the technique with clients in private sessions and workshops. In 2003, she was ordained as a trans-denominational minister, and in 2005, she became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. In 2007, she included Matrix Energetics as one of her healing modalities, and in 2008, she created her own healing technique, Star Matrix.

Maxine is CNN’s former on-air astrologer, co-founder of the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, co-founder of the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners, co-founder of the Atlanta Institute of Metaphysics, and former First Vice President of the American Federation of Astrologers.

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