News & Clues from EDH Show 2 Part 2 – Hamilton AFB and Raptors

This Show:

“Hamilton Air Force Base and Raptors”: Jo Ann will discuss the importance of Hamilton Air Force and a documented UFO sighting in Aug. 1952, after which a first contact with a reptilian species occurred. The discussion continues with specifics about the Raptor species: physical description, their social and family structures, their empire, and their association with the US military.

Jo Ann Richards is Exec. Director of the non-profit Earth Defense Headquarters. Her husband, Captain Mark Richards and his father Major Ellis Loyd Richards were true “Knights of the Cold War” – involved in high-level military intelligence operations on- and off-planet. They were involved with numerous alien species.

Learn about these heroes and others like them who have been instrumental in protecting Earth and humanity.

This show was streamed live on Sep 28, 2015

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