Jacqueline’s Guardian Show #6

今集守護者Jacqueline同 Candy繼續同兩棲及爬蟲研究員Ray So傾計。Ray點睇頻臨絕種嘅物種當寵物養嘅問題?而家遺棄問題又有幾嚴重?外國嚟­嘅物種同原生物種一齊生活會導致咩效果?人造陷阱對佢哋會構成咩危險?佢又點睇攝影愛­好者毀壞生態嘅問題?
主持: Jacqueline, Candy, May
嘉賓:兩棲及爬蟲研究員 Ray So

English description:

Part 1: 踢爆人工陷阱害死動物 (Species die due to artificial traps)

In this episode, Jacqueline and Candy continue to discuss issues about wild amphibians with researcher, Mr Ray So. What is Ray’s view about keeping these species as pets? How serious is abandon rate of Hong Kong? What happen to rehabilitation when imported species mixed with locals? How dangerous is artificial traps? What’s Ray’s comment for Eco photographers?

Hosts: Jacqueline, Candy, May
Guest: Mr. Ray So, Amphibians Researcher