Jacqueline’s Guardian #7

今集守護者主持Jacqueline同David請到西醫盧麗愛醫生(Irene Lo)同大家用醫學角度解構動物同食物點樣影響我哋嘅健康。盧醫生因為一件咩事令佢致­力奉行食得健康?現代社會竟然有無數不為人知嘅食物陷阱?點解呢D野又會關動保事?唔­食肉係咪就健康?人類無知「進補」背後的慾與望無非都係健康、長命、皮膚靚、身形好、­等等,其實係西醫嘅角度咩為之進補?其實好多人剛開始食素都會遇上好多挑戰,我哋應該­點做?

主持:Jacqueline, David, May 嘉賓:盧麗愛醫生(Dr. Irene Lo)

In this episode, Jacqueline and David invited Dr. Irene Lo to share how animal and food affect our lives in medical aspect. What happened to Dr Lo to be a vegan? How serious does food harm? How food relates to animal rights? Is it really healthy if don’t eat meat? People take supplements to maintain beauty, longevity , good body figure, etc. How do medical doctor thinks of taking supplements? What are the challenges to become a vegetarian? What should we do?

Hosts: Jacqueline, David, May

Guests: Dr Irene Lo

Part 1:西醫又關動物事? (What does it do with Medical Doctor and animals?)