Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff “Consciousness of Economics” with Nathan

Special Guest today is Nathan Standing Bear.

Nathan is a hippie and a spiritual seeker, practitioner of Buddhism, Taoism, and I Ching.

In 1970-71, he got snowed-in at a cabin in the Rocky Mountains for 3 1/2 months, just him and his dog. He discovered this way the macrobiotic diet (grains) in what he now calls “my first “vision quest”.

He was the first inipi in 1971, in Eber Hampton, Mankato MN, when he Hitch-hiked around country.
landed in Tahoe, lived in a cave, lived in commune on the land, lived in tipi. He found his sacred spot and did vision quests, sometimes twice a year.

“On the hill” he received first “vision”. He was instructed to work for protection of Tahoe’s environment. Worked to satisfy that vision for over 20 years, on TRPA, commissions, committees, reviewed EIR/EIS’s…

Worn out from that task, Nathan got back on the hill. His new vision was to work in spiritual realm.

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