Thomas Hawksblood: Adventures into the Strange #10

Thomas Hawksblood: Adventures into the Strange #10

Hosted by Thomas Hawksblood

Guest: John Edmonds

Hopeful Hooves, Inc. was founded by John and Joyce Edmonds, avid horse lovers. Shortly after his college graduation in 1990, John suffered a back injury which nearly ended his career. The
injury left him disabled and unemployed; however, he has utilized his passion for horses as a tool to rehabilitate himself. John began finding horses in the desert, abandoned by previous owners and left to fend for themselves, John began buying feed and soon he had acquired several new friends and the title of surrogate dad!

He discovered by investing his good intentions, dedication and hard work with these horses, his body found a gradual path back to health and his mind was soothed by the unconditional acceptance of the horses. Over the years, it became apparent to him that Equine Therapy was a great foundation to restart a person’s life in a positive direction; while saving the horses, he saved himself. In 2002 John received his MA in Social Work and decided he had found his path in life. John’s goal is to utilize abandoned and abused horses to help others to heal emotionally and even regain some improvement of their physical health.

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