Marcia Schafer’s first award-winning book, Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, brought new information to questioning seekers by revealing her contact experiences with extraterrestrial life.  Now, Marcia goes a step further to expose a hidden agenda behind it all: unique circumstances are presenting a brief window of time to build a peaceful worldwide society on Earth.  But first, we have to bring about much change.
According to Marcia, by using smart strategies and gentle elements of mysticism to re-spin the human wheel of fortune, mankind can build the ultimate civilization – but first, the budding messengers of tomorrow have to crack the code they carry within.  Spirconomics fuses a free agent spirituality to the practical realities of economics, to inspire and prod a special group to better understand who they are and what they can accomplish.
Marcia Schafer holds a master’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and has undergraduate studies in anthropology.  Well-versed in science, medicine and the world of business, she uses her wisdom in these areas to drive home the implications of information gained from her otherworldly encounters.  She founded the inventive consulting firm, Beyond Zebra, to give aspiring leaders the skills they need to build a better future.
Marcia provokes people to think at new levels, and repositions them for a very different tomorrow, one that’s adapted to what’s heading our way.

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