Adventures into the Strange #31: Alien Machines

Adventures into the Strange #31: Alien Machines

Hosted by Tommy Hawksblood

Time for more important information on the reality of Beings and aliens active on our planet. Tune in and get the latest. Old info can be completely new. We will keep bringing you both. Disclosure what does it really mean. Maybe just knowing the truth, but not necessary the truth people want. Yes you can listen to stories but a little proof is much better then a story.

Cohosted by Bryan Williams

This week will be exploring the machines the aliens have given us at the vortex with evidence. Plus, evidence of the oddball creatures from the astral including an astral dog !

You’ll have to see it to believe it !

Remember this upcoming show we’ll be giving away another 2 great gifts. A 300 AD item and another solid silver vortex relic. Be there or be square !