Journeys with Rebecca: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

Journeys with Rebecca: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

This show was streamed live 8.18.16

Hosted by Rebecca Jernigan

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior: The Timeless Path to Enlightenment
by Imre Vallyon

Imre Vallyon’s New Book Unveils the Spiritual Warrior’s Path to Enlightenment

“The Buddha was a Spiritual Warrior, as was the Christ, Moses Muhammad, Krisna, Lao Tzu and all the great spiritual reformers––they all belonged to the Spiritual Warrior School.”

One of the world’s best known teachers and bestselling authors, Imre Vallyon writes for a vast audience of readers and students around the globe.

Imre Vallyon teaches wisdom science through his books, recorded teachings, and his popular workshops and retreats. He is the founder of the Foundation for Higher Learning, an international spiritual school based in Europe, North America and Australasia. Born in Budapest, Hungary, the author lives in New Zealand and has for decades traveled throughout the world as a teacher and lecturer.

William von Holst has studied with Imre Vallyon for 25 years and knows not only his teaching but also knows the energy field itself from which Imre Vallyon teaches. As Imre Vallyon himself chooses to focus upon teaching retreats and chooses to focus less upon the outside world, he relies on his editors and students to speak for him. William himself teaches classes in Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Berkeley and San Francisco and traveled the world helping Imre Vallyon in his Teachings.

Rebecca Jernigan