Journeys with Rebecca: Craig Campobasso: I am Thyron

Journeys with Rebecca: Craig Campobasso, The Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial Saga: I am Thyron

Hosted by Rebecca Jernigan

BOOK 1 of the TRILOGY:

A citizen in The Galacterian Alignment of Space Peoples and Planets, Thyron is an ExtraTerrestrial Titan with a highly evolved soul, but born with a duality disorder. In this parable of the soul’s journey towards perfection and rebirth, Thyron must merge his Light and Dark to evolve into a Being spiritually strong enough to lead others towards the Light. Archangel Michael, the Universal Sovereign, orders him into The Shadow Chamber, to force him to look deep into the Darkness within himself. Once he has conquered his own Shadow Self, Michael sends Thyron to meet with the imprisoned Rebel Archangel Lucifer to take down his statement before his Tribunal. What happens next in Thyron’s story will leave you wondering not only about your very own existence, but what’s secretly happening on Earth right now.

Archangel Michael’s Messengers from all over the universe are incarnating on Earth right now in a highly classified program. Millions of extraterrestrials are living among you. Why are they here? What are they doing? It’s time to finally reveal the secrets hidden inside the vaults of Universal Magic. Get ready Star Trek and Star Wars fans for the next phase of entertainment, for you are about to meet the extraterrestrials–your cosmic family!

BOOK 2 of the TRILOGY:

In 1959, an ExtraTerrestrial incarnated on Earth. He doesn’t remember who he is; but his cells hold his past-life memories. After twenty-six years of spiritual education as a human, Cosmic Thought Adjusters determine that he is ready to know the truth, so they awaken him to his heritage. He was an instructor at the University of Melchizedek, where he trained Mighty Messengers to incarnate on Earth for secret “consciousness raising” programs, and in this incarnation, he has traveled with them. This is the autobiography of Solar Commander Thyron—whose mission it is to unite Earth with Universal Society.

Now that this Earthman’s heart rules his mind, communications with enlightened extraterrestrials are permitted, and a trip to his home and awaiting family in the Pleiades Star System is facilitated. Ultimately, Thyron’s Earth body is put into a slumber, and he is returned to his former Titan self. His family reunion is short-lived in the face of a galactic crisis. The evil forces—knowing of his brief homecoming—steal what is most precious to him, luring him into direct combat. His only armor is courage and a powerful Crystal Light Sword of Truth, given to him by Archangel Michael, his sovereign, just before he is thrust into the most barbaric cosmic war ever recorded. His enemy, the Dark Sa’ Tan, commands the Brubarian armies—terrifying beasts, who wield impressive black-art technologies.

Now a leader amongst extraterrestrials in the Star Seed Alignment of Space Peoples and Planets, the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, and not even Thyron can imagine what awaits him.