Joanna Summerscales & Bill Brooks live from the UK

Joanna Summerscales & Bill Brooks live from the UK

Hosted by Marc Gray

I’ll be hosting Joanna Summerscales and Bill Brooks live from the UK

Bill Brooks, an ex-soldier, had a memory flash recall and download at age 44 during an E.T. Encounter, and discovered he’d had a life time of alien abductions !

We will discuss with « 44 »’s co-author Joanna & Bill his amazing experiences in the world of military /E.T. abductions, secret societies and Freemason persecution, Mind-control experiments, black programs and Men in black encounters !

Joanna Summerscales

Her expertise is in the field of Alien Abduction, the impact it has on well-being and the long term implications for humanity. Her initial training was media; theatre and television, though she is also a therapist in quantum healing which encompasses regression. Joanna founded The A.M.M.A.C.H. Project, (Anomalous, Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline) early 2011, about which a documentary was made 2013. It is the UK’s only official Experiencer resource, providing a free helpline number, though her work is international.

She offers a non-judgmental, safe platform for Experiencers and has filmed testimonies for posterity, to promote investigation, study and analysis of the field. This is also to support and dispel the isolation and discrimination that many Experiencers feel.
Joanna has hosted Experiencer conferences, workshops, and given presentations on the subject as well as hosting the UK’s only Experiencer-orientated radio show.

She is working on developing theatre/television projects based on her work. The Ammach Project was closed in December 2015, but that legacy continues with her renewed and expanded work under the banner of The ET Newsroom.

Bill Brooks

He spent two thirds of his life believing there was no such thing as extra- terrestrials, aliens or UFOs. He spent six years in the army at a base shared by US personnel from Area 51, and did a brief tour in Northern Ireland. Thereafter, he made a living as a professional musician and singer. At age 44 Bill’s world fell apart after the shattering revelation that he’d had a life time of alien abductions. These memories flooded back after a near death type memory download. They involved encounters with military men in black, the greys, reptilians, shadow beings and the Nordics. Over the next twenty years, Bill struggled with this shocking reality and the continued abductions which sent his life into a tail spin. And, against almost insurmountable odds he raised his son. Further ordeals involve persecution by certain Freemasons, and amongst other things, a strange, paranormal association with Fred and Rosemary West, the British serial killers. Bill’s world view was changed forever, and so has he.



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