Andrea Sadegh: Children Mind Control Rings

Hosted by Marc Gray from FreedomUFOs

Andrea will be coming to you live from Austria. I will be hosting live from Normandy, France

Tuesday, December 20th

We will be speaking about Andrea’s trauma based mind control experience, uncovering what those programming techniques consist of, especially among children and toddlers, what for and by whom specifically: who are those families and trauma-inflicting players?

Who are those satanic mind control rings connected to, what purpose do they serve, from the big picture’s standpoint in our matrix 3D system?

The fight for her son Luki, and how she would like to get acknowledgement and justice.

The situation in Germany, Austria and also France where major affairs are being hidden fom the public eye.

From child abuse and trafficking to Human hunt cases, we will be pointing out who those satanic mind control rings are and connected to, what groups are preparing and conducting these crimes, what purpose do they serve?

She will mention her trauma healing workshops for 2017.

About programming in the German speaking countries: (2015)

About symptoms of toddlers & children:

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