Eileen Hall: Spiritual Ancestral Theta Healing, Trauma release & Epigenetics

Eileen Hall: Spiritual Ancestral Theta Healing, Trauma release & Epigenetics
Marc Gray will be hosting Eileen Hall live from Scotland
Spiritual/Theta Healing, Trauma release through ancestral and higher self reading techniques
She will discuss her late father Stanley Hall’s work and research into ancient civilisations, catastrophism and our war gene which has lead to all the trauma we carry (Epigenetics), and her work and dedication to help people release this core trauma, find their real power and connection to the universal force of creation.
She will do a Higher Creative Self meditation and an Ancestral Healing to illustrate the topic.
Eileen Hall is an Artist, Healer, Researcher, Writer and International Speaker living in Edinburgh. Over the past 10 years she has trained in Architecture, Design, the Arts, Mysticism, Healing and Shamanism, practices that she combines in various ways in order to help people come home to themselves, heal core traumas and blocks and more fully understand the workings of this universe and their purpose in it. Her background and interests also include Alternative History and what we can learn from it as well as Neuroscience, Psychology and Ecology, with a specially focus on using the mind and consciousness to expand into new horizons and elevate the vibration of every person who wishes to live an abundant life on all levels. http://upgrade-your-life-now.com/ http://www.eileen-hall.com
She also manages the work of her late father Stan Hall (Architect of the Tayos Caves Expedition 1976). She published his books and website and continues with his project for an online museum of pre-columbian artefacts from Ecuador. She also makes radio & TV appearances with regards to this work and is currently involved in a few documentary and film projects related to the Tayos Treasure. http://www.goldlibrary.com

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