TRUTH UNITE Libyan Intelligence Briefing by James and JoAnne Moriarty

On February 1, 2017
one of the greatest stories ever told
was shared with the world.

It was the true story of two
Americans sojourning through Libya,
during one of the most violent
periods in history.

It is the story of an American couple
escaping the secret airstrikes and
bloody invasion of Libya by the
savage Wahhabi mercenary army,
financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
and CIA Swiss Bank accounts
(Union Bank of Switzerland), and
given the diplomatic cover by the
American CIA-Hillary Clinton-
Obama- NATO-
Rothschild banks. The mission was
to depose Libyan President
Muammar Gaddafi, destroy the
Libyan nation, steal the gold and
natural resources of the Libyan
people, and lie to the American
people and the world in order to
make it seem like a “human rights and
Democracy” issue.

Nothing could be further from the

This is the blood-curdling,
nightmarish tale of human savagery,
monstrous evil, and miraculous
deliverance of two Christians–a man
and wife–out of the clutches of
torturers, rapists, and blood-soaked

It is the living affidavit, document
trail, and confirmation by two
witnesses who experienced one of
the greatest deceptions and illegal
wars ever committed by NATO and
the United States;
and it is an exposure of the
worst liars and traitors in the history
of the United States Congress.

This is the story of James and
JoAnne Moriarty, and their
personal testimony about everything
they saw.
And they disclose the names of the
criminals in Washington DC and
Europe, and Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
Turkey, and Israel who are
responsible and must be prosecuted
for these war crimes in an
international criminal court
immediately…if justice is our soul.

This material may result in an
American Revolution and
Renaissance…depending on you.

–Scott Bennett
U.S. Army Psychological
Operations and State Department
Counterterrorism Analyst

“Blessed is the Lord my strength
which teacheth my hands to fight,
and my fingers to war.”
–Psalm 144:1