Renaissance or Revolution of President Trump

Americans, let us always
remember, that on
November 7, 2016
stricken with a deep sense
of impending dread and
anxiety over the future of
our country, made a clear
political choice for
President of the United

Faced with the nightmare of
a world of smoldering ruins
and blackened nuclear craters
from Hillary Clinton’s
promises of endless war
against Russia, Iran, China,
and any other nation that
“competes” with U.S.
domination, the average
American voter wisely and
contemptuously rejected this
hysterical witch and her
blood-drunk thirst for
violence, and instead “gave
peace a chance.”

In short, we desired a
reformation that would
cleanse the world with hope,
prosperity, and
freedom; and we chose Donald
Trump as the most emotionally
stable, intelligent,
skillful, and honest man who
would help us achieve this
noble goal.

We put our trust in him,
and now he must honor that
trust…so help him God.

Let us always remember the
sage wisdom:
“Don’t make the perfect the
enemy of the good.”

In other words,
Donald Trump, for all his
imperfections, is the only
President who desires an
American Renaissance.
And it is our duty
as citizens to help him
create this transformation
with our words,
actions, and prayers.

This is the first day of our
new life. This is our
collective awakening from the
hysteria of political-
correctness and the torturous
nightmare of Liberal Democrat
athiestic government tyranny,
and the dawn of humanity’s
purest ideals and brightest
hopes and freedoms.

Let this 2016 election mark
the true rebirth of America
and healing of the world.

“Blessed are the

–Scott Bennett
Psychological Warfare analyst
U.S. Army