Wayne Bush: The Game of Life & The Matrix Grid Simulation; w/ Marc Gray on Project Camelot TV

Wayne Bush w/ Marc Gray on Project Camelot TV :
The Game of Life: The Matrix Grid Simulation and Soul-Harvesting Shape-Shifting Archons in NDEs, OBEs, LSD, and Alien Abductions

19th Show June 27th 2017
Wayne Bush is Marc Gray’s guest, pre-recorded from Texas, US
Tuesday at 12 PM Pacific / 3 PM Eastern US / 8 PM GMT UK / 9 PM Paris
Marc Gray is hosting Wayne Bush from Austin, Texas
The Game of Life and Soul Energy Harvest in our Incarnation Dream
The Trick of the Light & the Afterlife Trap : How to exit the Matrix !
Wayne Bush is a retired computer programmer and started the web site trickedbythelight.com sometime around 2004. It was an effort to investigate the popular meme that one goes to the light at death. We hear it all the time in Hollywood movies and from psychic mediums. But what really happens when we go to the light?
He once heard Ufo researcher John Lear in an Art Bell interview say that the light is a trick and one should not go to the light. So he’s been studying that phenomenon for the last 20 years or so as well as cross referencing it with out of body experiences, pre-birth experiences, psychedelic experiences, meditation experiences, alien abductions, ancient historic texts, religion, and science…basically anything that gets stored as memory and factors into our decision making.
His web site posits that life ultimately is a cosmic game or play, a divine drama that we dream thus it is a simulation or illusory in nature. We have chosen to play a role or character in a movie or play like a reality TV show — the true man show.

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