Project Camelot TV Network

Since its inception, Project Camelot has become a leader in the area of whistleblower testimony by providing filmed interviews, shot guerrilla style, on location, with key witnesses and researchers from all around the world.  Kerry Cassidy, the Founder and CEO is a documentary filmmaker and investigative reporter and for the past 10 years she has traveled to remote corners of the globe filming interviews and revealing secrets in areas previously only known to a select few from secret societies and those with high level security clearances in military and governments.  As a result Project Camelot has become a leader in the alternative news arena, having produced thousands of hours of programming covering Government Coverups, Unexplained Phenomena, Banking Fraud, UFOs, ETs, Ancient Archeology, Secret Societies and the Secret Space Program.

Now, leveraging her reputation and status in the field, Kerry Cassidy has brought together highly regarded interviewers, broadcasters, authors and researchers as well as whistleblowers to ‘get the truth out’ around the clock. 

Our Current and Future Team

This team of journalists, investigators as well as whistleblowers and their guests include scientists and engineers, ex-military, as well as those with backgrounds in the fields of healing, as psychics and telepaths and some have worked in intelligence and aerospace, with special talents or knowledge in fields such as Physics, Micro Biology, Astrophysics, Finance, Remote Viewing, Telepathy and Time Travel. Some of the hosts will have backgrounds as contactees and experiencers as well as work history in the Secret Space Program.  A few of the more well-known members of the Camelot journalist team include veteran on-air personalities with backgrounds in entertainment and broadcasting and have appeared on numerous television shows such as History Channel, SciFi and Ancient Aliens.  The Camelot broadcast team garners an audience of millions worldwide.

We have now launched our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to raise seed capital to finance the launch of this grass-roots alternative internet TV Network.